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Free ECCouncil 312-50V10 Exam Practice Questions

Internet Protocol Security IPSec is actually a suite of protocols. Each protocol within the suite provides different
functionality. Collective IPSec does everything except.
A. Work at the Data Link Layer
B. Protect the payload and the headers
C. Encrypt
D. Authenticate
Correct Answer: A

It is a regulation that has a set of guidelines, which should be adhered to by anyone who handles any electronic medical
data. These guidelines stipulate that all medical practices must ensure that all necessary measures are in place while
saving, accessing, and sharing any electronic medical data to keep patient data secure.
Which of the following regulations best matches the description?
B. ISO/IEC 27002
Correct Answer: C

What attack is used to crack passwords by using a precomputed table of hashed passwords?
A. Brute Force Attack
B. Rainbow Table Attack
C. Dictionary Attack
D. Hybrid Attack
Correct Answer: B

The collection of potentially actionable, overt, and publicly available information is known as
A. Open-source intelligence
B. Human intelligence
C. Social intelligence
D. Real intelligence
Correct Answer: A

You are the Network Admin, and you get a compliant that some of the websites are no longer accessible. You try to ping
the servers and find them to be reachable. Then you type the IP address and then you try on the browser, and find it to
be accessible. But they are not accessible when you try using the URL.
What may be the problem?
A. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 53
B. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 80
C. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 54
D. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 80
Correct Answer: A

An attacker scans a host with the below command. Which three flags are set? (Choose three.)
#nmap ?X host.domain.com
A. This is ACK scan. ACK flag is set
B. This is Xmas scan. SYN and ACK flags are set
C. This is Xmas scan. URG, PUSH and FIN are set
D. This is SYN scan. SYN flag is set
Correct Answer: C

What is the difference between the AES and RSA algorithms?
A. Both are symmetric algorithms, but AES uses 256-bit keys
B. AES is asymmetric, which is used to create a public/private key pair; RSA is symmetric, which is used to encrypt
C. Both are asymmetric algorithms, but RSA uses 1024-bit keys
D. RSA is asymmetric, which is used to create a public/private key pair; AES is symmetric, which is used to encrypt
Correct Answer: D

Alice encrypts her data using her public key PK and stores the encrypted data in the cloud. Which of the following attack
scenarios will compromise the privacy of her data?
A. None of these scenarios compromise the privacy of Alice\\’s data
B. Agent Andrew subpoenas Alice, forcing her to reveal her private key. However, the cloud server successfully resists
Andrew\\’s attempt to access the stored data
C. Hacker Harry breaks into the cloud server and steals the encrypted data
D. Alice also stores her private key in the cloud, and Harry breaks into the cloud server as before
Correct Answer: D

Security Policy is a definition of what it means to be secure for a system, organization or other entity. For Information
Technologies, there are sub-policies like Computer Security Policy, Information Protection Policy, Information Security
Policy, network Security Policy, Physical Security Policy, Remote Access Policy, and User Account Policy.
What is the main theme of the sub-policies for Information Technologies?
A. Availability, Non-repudiation, Confidentiality
B. Authenticity, Integrity, Non-repudiation
C. Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
D. Authenticity, Confidentiality, Integrity
Correct Answer: C

Based on the below log, which of the following sentences are true?
Mar 1, 2016, 7:33:28 AM ?54373 ?22 tcp_ip
A. SSH communications are encrypted it\\’s impossible to know who is the client or the server
B. Application is FTP and is the client and is the server
C. Application is SSH and is the client and is the server
D. Application is SSH and is the server and is the server
Correct Answer: C

The company ABC recently contracted a new accountant. The accountant will be working with the financial statements.
Those financial statements need to be approved by the CFO and then they will be sent to the accountant but the CFO is
worried because he wants to be sure that the information sent to the accountant was not modified once he approved it.
What is the following options can be useful to ensure the integrity of the data?
A. The CFO can use a hash algorithm in the document once he approved the financial statements
B. The CFO can use an excel file with a password
C. The financial statements can be sent twice, one by email and the other delivered in USB and the accountant can
compare both to be sure is the same document
D. The document can be sent to the accountant using an exclusive USB for that document
Correct Answer: A

Sophia travels a lot and worries that her laptop containing confidential documents might be stolen. What is the best
protection that will work for her?
A. Full Disk encryption
B. BIOS password
C. Hidden folders
D. Password protected files
Correct Answer: A

What mechanism in Windows prevents a user from accidentally executing a potentially malicious batch (.bat) or
PowerShell (.ps1) script?
A. User Access Control (UAC)
B. Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
C. Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)
D. Windows firewall
Correct Answer: B

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Best EC-COUNCIL CCISO 712-50 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (1-30)

When dealing with risk, the information security practitioner may choose to:
A. assign
B. transfer
C. acknowledge
D. defer
Correct Answer: C

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-40, which of the following considerations are MOST important when creating a vulnerability management program?
A. Susceptibility to attack, mitigation response time, and cost
B. Attack vectors, controls cost, and investigation staffing needs
C. Vulnerability exploitation, attack recovery, and mean time to repair
D. Susceptibility to attack, expected duration of attack, and mitigation availability
Correct Answer: A

Acme Inc. has engaged a third party vendor to provide 99.999% up-time for their online web presence and had them contractually agree to this service level agreement. What type of risk tolerance is Acme exhibiting? (choose the BEST answer):
A. low risk-tolerance
B. high risk-tolerance
C. moderate risk-tolerance
D. medium-high risk-tolerance
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is a major benefit of applying risk levels?
A. Risk management governance becomes easier since most risks remain low once mitigated
B. Resources are not wasted on risks that are already managed to an acceptable level
C. Risk budgets are more easily managed due to fewer identified risks as a result of using a methodology
D. Risk appetite can increase within the organization once the levels are understood
Correct Answer: B

To get an Information Security project back on schedule, 712-50 dumps which of the following will provide the MOST help?
A. Upper management support
B. More frequent project milestone meetings
C. Stakeholder support
D. Extend work hours
Correct Answer: A

The process to evaluate the technical and non-technical security controls of an IT system to validate that a given design and implementation meet a specific set of security requirements is called
A. Security certification
B. Security system analysis
C. Security accreditation
D. Alignment with business practices and goals.
Correct Answer: A

When managing the security architecture for your company you must consider:
A. Security and IT Staff size
B. Company Values
C. Budget
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a term related to risk management that represents the estimated frequency at which a threat is expected to transpire?
A. Single Loss Expectancy (SLE)
B. Exposure Factor (EF)
C. Annualized Rate of Occurrence (ARO)
D. Temporal Probability (TP)
Correct Answer: C

You have recently drafted a revised information security policy. From whom should you seek endorsement in order to have the GREATEST chance for adoption and implementation throughout the entire organization?
A. Chief Information Security Officer
B. Chief Executive Officer
C. Chief Information Officer
D. Chief Legal Counsel
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: Your organization employs single sign-on (user name and password only) as a convenience to your employees to access organizational systems and data. Permission to individual systems and databases is vetted and approved through supervisors and data owners to ensure that only approved personnel can use particular applications or retrieve information. All employees have access to their own human resource information, including the ability to change their bank routing and account information and other personal details through the Employee Self-Service application. All employees have access to the organizational VPN.
What type of control is being implemented by supervisors and data owners?
A. Management
B. Operational
C. Technical
D. Administrative
Correct Answer: B

You manage a newly created Security Operations Center (SOC), your team is being inundated with security alerts and don\’t know what to do. What is the BEST approach to handle this situation?
A. Tell the team to do their best and respond to each alert
B. Tune the sensors to help reduce false positives so the team can react better
C. Request additional resources to handle the workload
D. Tell the team to only respond to the critical and high alerts
Correct Answer: B

Within an organization\’s vulnerability management program, who has the responsibility to implement remediation actions?
A. Security officer
B. Data owner
C. Vulnerability engineer
D. System administrator
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: Most industries require compliance with multiple government regulations and/or industry standards to meet data protection and privacy mandates. When multiple regulations or standards apply to your industry you should set controls to meet the:
A. Easiest regulation or standard to implement
B. Stricter regulation or standard
C. Most complex standard to implement
D. Recommendations of your Legal Staff
Correct Answer: A

When dealing with Security Incident Response procedures, 712-50 dumps which of the following steps come FIRST when reacting to an incident?
A. Escalation
B. Recovery
C. Eradication
D. Containment
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a weakness of an asset or group of assets that can be exploited by one or more threats?
A. Threat
B. Vulnerability
C. Attack vector
D. Exploitation
Correct Answer: B

What are the primary reasons for the development of a business case for a security project?
A. To estimate risk and negate liability to the company
B. To understand the attack vectors and attack sources
C. To communicate risk and forecast resource needs
D. To forecast usage and cost per software licensing
Correct Answer: C

An organization is required to implement background checks on all employees with access to databases containing credit card information. This is considered a security
A. Procedural control
B. Management control
C. Technical control
D. Administrative control
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: Your program is developed around minimizing risk to information by focusing on people, technology, and operations.
An effective way to evaluate the effectiveness of an information security awareness program for end users, especially senior executives, is to conduct periodic:
A. Controlled spear phishing campaigns
B. Password changes
C. Baselining of computer systems
D. Scanning for viruses
Correct Answer: A

SQL injection is a very popular and successful injection attack method. Identify the basic SQL injection text:
A. ` o 1=1 –
B. /../../../../
C. andquot;DROPTABLE USERNAMEandquot;
Correct Answer: A

When measuring the effectiveness of an Information Security Management System which one of the following would be MOST LIKELY used as a metric framework?
A. ISO 27001
C. ISO 27004
Correct Answer: C

An organization has defined a set of standard security controls. This organization has also defined the circumstances and conditions in which they must be applied. What is the NEXT logical step in applying the controls in the organization?
A. Determine the risk tolerance
B. Perform an asset classification
C. Create an architecture gap analysis
D. Analyze existing controls on systems
Correct Answer: B

The risk found after a control has been fully implemented is called:
A. Residual Risk
B. Total Risk
C. Post implementation risk
D. Transferred risk
Correct Answer: A

SCENARIO: A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) recently had a third party conduct an audit of the security program. Internal policies and international standards were used as audit baselines. The audit report was presented to the CISO and a variety of high, medium and low rated gaps were identified.
The CISO has implemented remediation activities. Which of the following is the MOST logical next step?
A. Validate the effectiveness of applied controls
B. Validate security program resource requirements
C. Report the audit findings and remediation status to business stake holders
D. Review security procedures to determine if they need modified according to findings
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: Your organization employs single sign-on (user name and password only) as a convenience to your employees to access organizational systems and data. Permission to individual systems and databases is vetted and approved through supervisors and data owners to ensure that only approved personnel can use particular applications or retrieve information. 712-50 dumps All employees have access to their own human resource information, including the ability to change their bank routing and account information and other personal details through the Employee Self-Service application. All employees have access to the organizational VPN.
Recently, members of your organization have been targeted through a number of sophisticated phishing attempts and have compromised their system credentials. What action can you take to prevent the misuse of compromised credentials to change bank account information from outside your organization while still allowing employees to manage their bank information?
A. Turn off VPN access for users originating from outside the country
B. Enable monitoring on the VPN for suspicious activity
C. Force a change of all passwords
D. Block access to the Employee-Self Service application via VPN
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following BEST describes an international standard framework that is based on the security model Information Technology–Code of Practice for Information Security Management?
A. International Organization for Standardization 27001
B. National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication SP 800-12
C. Request For Comment 2196
D. National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication SP 800-26
Correct Answer: A

A system was hardened at the Operating System level and placed into the production environment. Months later an audit was performed and it identified insecure configuration different from the original hardened state. Which of the following security issues is the MOST likely reason leading to the audit findings?
A. Lack of asset management processes
B. Lack of change management processes
C. Lack of hardening standards
D. Lack of proper access controls
Correct Answer: B

The FIRST step in establishing a security governance program is to?
A. Conduct a risk assessment.
B. Obtain senior level sponsorship.
C. Conduct a workshop for all end users.
D. Prepare a security budget.
Correct Answer: B

The Security Operations Center (SOC) just purchased a new intrusion prevention system (IPS) that needs to be deployed in-line for best defense. The IT group is concerned about putting the new IPS in-line because it might negatively impact network availability. What would be the BEST approach for the CISO to reassure the IT group?
A. Work with the IT group and tell them to put IPS in-line and say it won\’t cause any network impact
B. Explain to the IT group that the IPS won\’t cause any network impact because it will fail open
C. Explain to the IT group that this is a business need and the IPS will fail open however, if there is a network failure the CISO will accept responsibility
D. Explain to the IT group that the IPS will fail open once in-line however it will be deployed in monitor mode for a set period of time to ensure that it doesn\’t block any legitimate traffic
Correct Answer: D

A business unit within your organization intends to deploy a new technology in a manner that places it in violation of existing information security standards. What immediate action should the information security manager take?
A. Enforce the existing security standards and do not allow the deployment of the new technology.
B. Amend the standard to permit the deployment.
C. If the risks associated with that technology are not already identified, perform a risk analysis to quantify the risk, and allow the business unit to proceed based on the identified risk level.
D. Permit a 90-day window to see if an issue occurs and then amend the standard if there are no issues.
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: You are the CISO and have just completed your first risk assessment for your organization. You find many risks with no security controls, and some risks with inadequate controls. You assign work to your staff to create or adjust existing security controls to ensure they are adequate for risk mitigation needs.
When adjusting the controls to mitigate the risks, how often should the CISO perform an audit to verify the controls?
A. Annually
B. Semi-annually
C. Quarterly
D. Never
Correct Answer: D

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