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How are multiple conditions used in a Choice router to route events?
A. To route the same event to the matched route of EVERY true condition.
B. None of these.
C. To find the FIRST true condition, then distribute the event to the ONE matched route.
D. To find the FIRST true condition, then route the same event to the matched route and ALL FOLLOWING routes.
Correct Answer: C


What does the zip operator do in DataWeave?
A. Minifies the size of value using encoding.
B. None of these.
C. Merges elements of two objects into a single object.
D. Merges elements of two lists (arrays) into a single list.
Correct Answer: D


What is the difference between a subflow and a sync flow?
A. Sync flow has no error handling of its own and subflow does.
B. Subflow has no error handling of its own and sync flow does.
C. Subflow is synchronous and sync flow is asynchronous.
D. No difference.
Correct Answer: B


What is the correct way to format the decimal 200.1234 as a string to two decimal places?
A. 200.1234 as string {format: “.0#”}
B. 200.1234 as string as format: “.0#”
C. 200.1234 as String {format: “.0#”}
D. 200.1234 as String as format: “.0#”
Correct Answer: C


What statement is a part of MuleSoft\\’s description of an application network?
A. Creates and manages high availability and fault-tolerant services and infrastructure.
B. Creates reusable APIs and assets designed to be consumed by other business units.
C. Creates and manages a collection of JMS messaging services and infrastructure.
D. Leverages Central IT to deliver complete point-to-point solutions with master data management.
Correct Answer: B


How to import Core (dw::Core) module into your DataWeave scripts?
A. import dw::core
B. Not needed
C. None of these
D. import core
Correct Answer: B


What is the DataWeave expression to log the Content-Type header using a Logger component?
A. #[“Content-Type: ” ++ attributes.headers.\\’content-type\\’]
B. #[“Content-Type: ” ++ headers.\\’content-type\\’]
C. #[“Content-Type: ” + headers.\\’content-type\\’]
D. #[“Content-Type: ” + attributes.headers.\\’content-type\\’]
Correct Answer: A


A. An event source
B. RAML file
C. An event processor
D. Logger Component
Correct Answer: C


What is the trait name you would use for specifying client credentials in RAML?
A. headers
B. client-id
C. client-id-required
D. we do not specify in RAML
Correct Answer: C


What HTTP method in a RESTful web service is typically used to completely replace an existing resource?
Correct Answer: D


A. Patient with id 2016
B. All patients
C. No patients
D. Patients from the year 2016
Correct Answer: D

A flow has a JMS Publish consume operation followed by a JMS Publish operation. Both of these operations have the
default configurations.
Which operation is asynchronous and which one is synchronous?
A. Publish consume: Synchronous. Publish: Asynchronous.
B. Publish consume: Asynchronous. Publish: Synchronous.
C. Publish consume: Asynchronous. Publish: Asynchronous.
D. Publish consume: Synchronous. Publish: Synchronous.
Correct Answer: A


What DataWeave 2.0 type can be used as input to a map operation?
A. Object
B. Array
C. String
D. Map
Correct Answer: B

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