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Consider the following resource dependency tree.

examinershub vcs-260 q1

What is the correct order for Infoscale Availability to take the service group offline?
A. unmount file systems, deport disk group, stop volumes
B. deport disk groups, stop volumes, unmount file systems
C. unmount file systems, stop volumes, deport disk groups
D. stop volumes, unmount the file system, deport disk groups

Correct Answer: D


Which two capabilities can an administrator use to ensure availability within Docker Containers? (Choose two.)
A. provide HA to the application within the container for failover and app restart
B. provide provisioning of a new container when an application within the container fails
C. first restart the application within the container; if continued app failures, then provision a new container
D. provide HA to the container and move it between cluster nodes
E. provide provisioning of a new container when a container fails

Correct Answer: AD


Which log can an administrator review to determine why a resource failed to come online?
A. /var/VRTSvcs/log/vbs_state_notify.log
B. /var/VRTSvcs/log/ProcessOnOnly_A.log
C. /var/VRTSvcs/log/HostMonitor_A.log
D. /var/VRTSvcs/log/engine_A.log

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.
On which node will the webs service group start if all nodes are powered on and come online at the same time?

examinershub VCS-260 q4

A. s4
B. s2
C. s1
D. s3

Correct Answer: B


An administrator wants to deploy a complex cluster configuration that will include over six nodes, I/O fencing, and
multiple private cluster interconnections.
Which method will help the administrator to implement rapid cluster deployment?
A. prepare a custom file using the sample template files and copy the file to all cluster nodes
B. generate a custom installation script using the Veritas Services and Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) website
C. prepare a custom response file in Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM) and push it out to the new cluster
D. prepare a custom response file to build the new cluster configuration using /opt/VRTS/install/installer

Correct Answer: D


An administrator has started a cluster using hastart.
Which two commands should the administrator use to determine where each service group is running? (Choose two.)
A. hasys -display
B. hasys -state
C. hastatus -sum
D. haclus -status
E. hagrp -state

Correct Answer: CE


An administrator wants to configure a service group FailOverPolicy where VCS selects a system based on the
forecasted available capacity for all systems in the SystemList attribute. Cluster attribute Statistics is set to Enabled.
Which FailOverPolicy must be selected?
A. Priority
B. Load
C. RoundRobin
D. BiggestAvailable

Correct Answer: D



An administrator has removed a node from the cluster. After system maintenance, the administrator notices that the
remaining cluster nodes will no longer form a cluster.
Which file will be used by the cluster at startup to determine the number of nodes required to form a cluster?
A. /etc/gabtab
B. /etc/llttab
C. /etc/vxfentab
D. /etc/llthosts

Correct Answer: A


Which action should an administrator take to avoid single points of failure when making an application highly available?
A. utilize cross-over network cables for heartbeats with multi-node clusters to withstand power outages
B. place application binaries on shared storage to reduce the chance of corruption
C. use host IP address for configuring and accessing the application from various clients
D. ensure multiple paths for data access so the application can continue if one path goes down

Correct Answer: D


As part of the consolidation efforts in a data center, the administrator decides to merge two two-node Veritas Cluster
Server (VCS) clusters into a four-node VCS cluster. The source and target clusters are on the same networks for LLT
communication. The administrator performs the following task as preparation for the merge while both clusters are still
modifies /etc/llttab files on the source cluster systems so the cluster ID is changed to the cluster ID of the target cluster
modifies /etc/llthosts files on all systems to include the four nodes
modifies /etc/gabtab files on all systems to require four systems to seed
ensures the source cluster systems can see the fencing disks used by the target cluster
copies the fencing configuration files from the target cluster systems to the source cluster systems
adds the source cluster systems to the target cluster configuration using the hasys -add command
After the preparation is complete, the administrator stops the source cluster leaving the applications running, then stops
the whole communication stack and restarts it in the correct order. When the administrator attempts to start the cluster
again on the source cluster systems, they fail to join the four-node cluster.
Which preparation step that the administrator failed to perform is preventing the source cluster systems from joining the
four-node cluster?
A. The cluster needs to be manually seeded using grab config -x on the source cluster systems.
B. The target was file needs to be copied to the source cluster systems.
C. The service group configuration of the source cluster needs to be applied to the target cluster.
D. The cluster UUID from the target cluster needs to be copied to the source cluster.

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the configuration: What will happen to the websg service group if the websg is online when all the systems in
the cluster are rebooted simultaneously, then all the systems finish booting and successfully join the cluster?

examinershub vcs-260 q11

A. It will unfreeze on reboot and start on sys1.
B. It will remain offline on all systems.
C. It will return to the state it was in prior to the reboot.
D. It will start on sys1 in a frozen state.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator is evaluating the suitability of an application to be clustered which can failover to another node in the
cluster in an event of an application outage using Veritas InfoScale Availability. Which condition prevents the application
from being made highly available?
A. The application requires the use of solid-state drives for performance.
B. The cluster is NOT configured with a public low priority link.
C. Individual unique instances of the application cannot be monitored on the system the application is running.
D. After a crash, the automated clean-up takes at least one minute before the application can be restarted.

Correct Answer: D

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