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Which two Fibre Channel zoning options are supported with vSphere 6.x? (Choose two.)
A. Single-Initiator
B. Single-Initiator-Single-Target
C. Multiple-Initiators-Single-Target
D. Multiple-Initiators-Multiple-Targets
Correct Answer: AB

An administrator has configured an alarm to be notified when a virtual machine meets two conditions:
high virtual CPU
high active memory consumption
The alarm is malfunctioning and triggering when either condition is met instead of both.
What can be done to correct the issue?
Edit the alarm and select Trigger if ALL of the following conditions are satisfied.
Edit the alarm and select Trigger if ANY of the following conditions are satisfied.
Create two separate alarms, one for CPU and one for memory.
Delete the existing alarm and create a new event based alarm.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator is performing upgrades to ESXi 6.x from ESX 3.x and ESX 4.x hosts. What is true about this
A. A direct, in-place upgrade can be performed only on ESX 4.1 and later hosts.
B. ESX 3.x hosts can be upgraded, but require an upgrade to 4.x before 5.x.
C. A direct, in-place upgrade can be performed only on ESX 4.5 and later hosts.
D. A direct, in-place upgrade can be performed only on ESX 3.5 and later hosts.
Correct Answer: B
You must upgrade version 3.x ESX and ESXi hosts to ESX or ESXi version 4.x before you can upgrade them to ESXi
5.1.x. See the vSphere 4.x upgrade documentation.
Alternatively, you might find it simpler and more cost effective to do a fresh installation of ESXi 5.1.x.

An administrator would like to have vCenter take action any time a virtual machine is using over 90% of its available
resources for five minutes or longer. Which three actions can be taken by vCenter Server in response to the trigger
without running a script? (Choose three.)
A. Power on a VM
B. Reboot Guest on VM
C. Increase Virtual Machine Memory
D. Migrate a VM
E. Increase Virtual Machine CPU Shares
Correct Answer: ABD
Power on a VM, reboot guest and Migrate a VM will be the actions taken by vCenter Server in response to a trigger
without needing a script.

After selecting an object in vRealize Operations, how can a user compare the badge values of related child objects?
A. Use the Scoreboard tab
B. Use the Relationship tab
C. Use the Members tab
D. Use the Overview tab
Correct Answer: A

What are two reasons why a company would choose to use ESXi 6.x instead of using VMware Workstation 8? (Choose
A. The company needs to be able to assign existing physical disks to virtual machines.
B. The company needs remote management of virtual machines
C. The company needs support for virtual machines with up to sixteen vCPUs
D. The company wants the lowest overhead possible for the virtual infrastructure.
Correct Answer: CD

Which two settings are required by the deployment wizard when installing the VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance
(vCSA)? (Choose two.)
A. Number of CPUs
B. Datastore to install on
C. Linked-mode
D. Name of the vCenter server
Correct Answer: BD

What virtual machine action listed below can be performed on a template?
A. Power on
B. Clone
C. Edit Settings
D. Migrate
Correct Answer: B

After installation of a host in your test environment, you need to move it to production. The only major change that
needs to be made is that the hostname of the server needs to change. What are two ways that an administrator can
change the host name without editing configuration files on the host directly? (Choose two.)
A. Login to the Direct Console User Interface and change it from here.
B. Edit the Default TCP/IP Configuration from the vSphere Web Client.
C. Use the Ruby vSphere Client to send a script to the ESXi host that updates the hostname.
D. Update the information in DNS and the ESXi host will automatically update with these changes.
Correct Answer: AB

You have just installed an ESXi 6.x Host. As part of your company security regulations, a security banner must be
presented on the console of the host. How can this action be accomplished?
A. Configure the Advanced Settings > Annotations screen of the ESXi host.
B. This is configured from the Direct Console User Interface configuration menu.
C. It is not possible to configure a security banner for the ESXi host.
D. From vCenter Server, this setting is configured globally in the vCenter Server configuration.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator is attempting to enable Storage I/O Control on a datastore, but it is failing. What is the likely reason for
this failure?
A. The host is connected to a datastore is running on ESX 4.0.
B. The host is connected to a Fibre Channel storage array.
C. The datastore has multiple extents.
D. The datastore is managed by a single vCenter Server.
Correct Answer: A

Which three traffic types are available services options when configuring a vmkernel port? (Choose three.)
A. Provisioning Traffic
B. Virtual Volumes Traffic
C. vSphere Replication NFC Traffic
D. Virtual SAN Traffic
E. FCoE Traffic
Correct Answer: ACD

When is it possible to place a VMFS5 datastore in maintenance mode?
A. When it is a member of a Storage DRS cluster
B. When it is a member of Virtual SAN cluster
C. When it is a member of a multi-extent datastore
D. When it is a member of a Virtual Volume
Correct Answer: A

An administrator is setting up vSphere Auto Deploy to deploy 25 ESXi 6.x hosts using the vCenter Server Virtual
Appliance (vCSA). What would be considered best practices for Auto Deploy? (Choose three.)
A. Enable vSphere HA on the cluster.
B. Protect the vCenter server with Fault Tolerance.
C. Install the Auto Deploy service on the VCSA.
D. Include the vmware-fdm VIB in the image profile.
E. Use PowerCLI to write a rule that assigns a custom image profile to the target hosts.
Correct Answer: ADE

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