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An administrator is performing a silent automatic update of VMware Tools on a Windows virtual machine. What syntax
needs to be entered into the Advanced Options box?
A. /s /v “/qn” /l “c:\Windows\filename.log”
B. –prefix=/usr/local,/usr/lib,/usr/doc –silent
C. –prefix=c:\Windows,c:\VMtools –silent
D. /fs /v “/qn+” /l “c:\Windows\filename.log”
Correct Answer: A
One way to determine the component values to use is to run the interactive VMware Tools installer with full logging
turned on, select the components that you want installed, and then search the log files for the ADDLOCAL and
REMOVE properties. The log files show the names used by the program.
oc_50/GUID- 3D2186A2-6EC7-470E-8D1E-CA226EDBBBB0.html

Which group in the vsphere.local domain will have administrator privileges for the VMware Certificate Authority
A. SolutionUsers
B. CAAdmins
C. DCAAdmins
D. SystemConfiguration.Administrators
Correct Answer: B
Members of the CAAdmins group have administrator privileges for VMCA. Adding members to these groups is not
usually recommended.
Reference: DCC9-4DAB-8900-1BA35837D07E.html

An administrator wants to ensure that all datastores defined on an ALUA-based storage array have load balancing
enabled by default. The storage configuration is:
Storage Array Type = VMW_SATP_DEFAULT_AA
Path Selection Policy = VMW_PSP_FIXED
Which configuration would support the stated requirements?
Change the Storage Array Type Policy to = VMW_SATP_ALUA and the Path Selection Policy = VMW_PSP_RR.
Change the Path Selection Policy = VMW_PSP_RR and leave the Storage Array Type Policy as is.
Change the Storage Array Type Policy to = VMW_SATP_ALUA and leave the Path Selection Policy as is.
Change the Path Selection Policy = NMP and leave the Storage Array Type Policy as is.
Correct Answer: A

How does vSphere High Availability calculate the memory slot size of a virtual machine?
A. Virtual machine memory reservation + overhead of largest virtual machine
B. Virtual machine memory reservation ?overhead of largest virtual machine
C. Virtual machine memory reservation + overhead of smallest virtual machine
D. Virtual machine memory reservation ?overhead of smallest virtual machine
Correct Answer: A

What is the name of the command line utility that checks for VMFS5 metadata corruption?
A. vmkfstools ?heck
B. voma
C. vmfsanalyzer
D. esxcli vmfs check
Correct Answer: B
It is possible to check VMFS for metadata inconsistency with a tool called VOMA (Vmware Ondisk Metadata Analyser).
With VOMA you can check VMFS3 and VMFS5 datastores.
Please note, that the tool can only identify problems, as it runs in a read-only mode. So it does not help you to fix
detected errors.
Reference: esxi-5-1-and-later/

An administrator has configured three vCenter Servers and vRealize Orchestrator within a Platform Services Controller
domain, and needs to grant a user privileges that span all environments. Which statement best describes how the
administrator would accomplish this?
A. Assign a Global Permission to the user.
B. Assign a vCenter Permission to the user.
C. Assign vsphere.local membership to the user.
D. Assign an ESXi Permission to the user.
Correct Answer: A
Global permissions are applied to a global root object that spans solutions, for example, both vCenter Server and
vCenter Orchestrator. Use global permissions to give a user or group privileges for all objects in all object hierarchies.
C7702E31-1623-4189-89CB- E1136AA27972.html

What are three reasons why a virtual machine might fail to power on? (Choose three.)
A. The virtual machine is running on an ESXi host which has an expired license.
B. The virtual machine is running on a datastore which has insufficient disk space for the .vswp file.
C. The virtual machine is in a cluster with vSphere HA Admission control enabled.
D. The virtual machine has a disconnected network adapter.
E. The virtual machine does not have a Virtual Hard Disk assigned.
Correct Answer: ABC

An administrator wants to upgrade to vCenter Server 6.x.
The vCenter Server:
Is hosted on a virtual machine server running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, with 8 vCPUs and 16GB RAM.
Will have an embedded Platform Services Controller. Hosts a Large Environment with 1,000 ESXi hosts and 10,000
Virtual Machines.
Why does the vCenter Server not meet the minimum requirements?
A. Windows Server 2008 R2 is not a supported Operating System for vCenter Server.
B. The virtual machine has insufficient resources for the environment size.
C. The environment is too large to be managed by a single vCenter Server.
D. The Platform Services Controller must be changed to an External deployment.
Correct Answer: B
The environment is very big with 1000 ESXi host and 10,000 virtual machines. Therefore, it is not enough and the
vCenter server cannot meet these requirements.

An administrator tries to run esxtop to troubleshoot CPU performance issues, but no output is displayed. How can the
issue be resolved?
A. esxtop is deprecated in vSphere 6.x, resxtop must be used to produce the desired output.
B. In esxtop, press f and place an asterisk next to each field that should be displayed.
C. sudo should be run in front of esxtop to give the administrator the proper permissions.
D. The esxtop command must be run from the /proc directory to produce output.
Correct Answer: B
When you press f and place an asterisk next to each field that you want displayed, esxtop will definitely display
performance issues, if any.

An administrator uses the df
Correct Answer: A
IF the NFS datastore is showing 0 bytes of capacity when you use df

Which minor badge items make up the Efficiency badge score for an ESXi host in vCenter Operations Manager?
A. Workload, Anomalies, Faults
B. Workload, Stress, Density
C. Time Remaining, Capacity Remaining
D. Reclaimable Waste, Density
Correct Answer: D
The third major badge that vC Ops reports is Efficiency. We all moved to virtualization in hopes of achieving greater
efficiencies but there are varying degrees of efficiency so vC Ops is here to help ensure that you maximize the efficiency
of your virtual infrastructure. The efficiency badge score is a weighted combination of Reclaimable Waste and Density.
Reference: operations-post-8-understanding-

An administrator has noticed that virtual machine VM2 in the vApp shown in the Exhibit is demonstrating poor
performance.lead4pass 2V0-621D exam question q12

Which three changes, if performed separately, would improve the performance of VM2? (Choose three.)
A. Remove the CPU limit on the vApp.
B. Remove the CPU limit on the resource pool.
C. Increase the CPU reservation on virtual machine VM1.
D. Power off virtual machine VM1.
E. Increase the CPU reservation on virtual machine VM2.
Correct Answer: ADE

An administrator needs to create an Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) Identity Source on a newly deployed
vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). Which two actions will accomplish this? (Choose two.)
A. Use a Service Principal Name (SPN) to configure the Identity Source.
B. Use a Domain administrator to configure the Identity Source.
C. Join the VCSA to Active Directory and configure the Identity Source with a Machine Account.
D. Create a computer account in Active Directory for the VCSA and configure the Identity Source.
Correct Answer: AC
Using a machine account when configuring an Active Directory identity source for vCenter Server requires that the
Windows system be joined to the domain. If the system is not joined to the domain, SSO cannot leverage the machine
to create the identity source and perform its function as the secure token service user.
To resolve this issue in VCVA 5.5, use only the Use SPN option.
Reference: language=en_USandcmd=displayKCandexternalId=2058919

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