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Lead4Pass13Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI)300-430

A network administrator just completed the basic implementation of Cisco CMX and tries to implement location tracking.

The administrator is having trouble establishing connectivity between one of the WLCs through NMSP. What must be configured to establish this connectivity? (Choose two.)

A. Add permanent licenses on the Cisco CMX server.

B. Allow on the firewall port 16113 between Cisco CMX and the WLC.

C. Enable NMSP on the WLC.

D. Reboot Cisco CMX after adding the WLC for the first time.

E. Add to the WLC the MAC address and SSC key for the Cisco CMX server.

Correct Answer: BC


A wireless engineer must implement a corporate wireless network for a large company in the most efficient way possible. The wireless network must support 32 VLANs for 300 employees in different departments.

Which solution must the engineer choose?

A. Configure a second WLC to support half of the APs in the deployment.

B. Configure one single SSID and implement Cisco ISE for VLAN assignment according to different user roles.

C. Configure different AP groups to support different VLANs, so that all of the WLANs can be broadcast on both radios.

D. Configure 16 WLANs to be broadcast on the 2.4-GHz band and 16 WLANs to be broadcast on the 5.0- GHz band.

Correct Answer: B


What is the default IEEE 802.1x AP authentication configuration on a Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller?

A. EAP-PEAP with 802.1x port authentication

B. EAP-TLS with 802.1x port authentication

C. EAP-FAST with CAPWAP DTLS + port authentication


Correct Answer: C

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/ewc/1612/configguide/ewc_cg_16_12/ 802_1x_support.pdf


Which customizable security report on Cisco Prime Infrastructure will show rogue APs detected since a point in time?

A. Network Summary

B. Rogue APs Events

C. New Rogue APs

D. Rogue APs Count Summary

Correct Answer: C



Which two events are outcomes of a successful RF jamming attack? (Choose two.)

A. disruption of WLAN services

B. unauthentication association

C. deauthentication broadcast

D. deauthentication multicast

E. physical damage to AP hardware

Correct Answer: AE

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/mse/3350/72/wIPS_Configuration/Guide/wIPS_7 2/


A wireless administrator must assess the different client types connected to Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller without using any external servers.

Which configuration must be added to the controller to achieve this assessment?

A. native profile

B. MAC classification

C. local profile

D. device classification

Correct Answer: D

Source: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless/catalyst-9800-series-wireless-controllers/215661-in-depth-look-into-client-profiling-on-9.html and logging into my own 9800.


Refer to the exhibit.

latest 300-430 dumps exam questions 7

Which two items must be supported on the VoWLAN phones to take full advantage of this WLAN configuration? (Choose two.)



C. 802.11e



Correct Answer: CD

The 802.11e, WMM, and Cisco Compatible Extension specifications help balance and prevent the overloading of a cell with audio streams. CAC determines whether there is enough channel capacity to start a call; if not, the phone can scan for another channel https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/8-1/Enterprise-Mobility-8-1-Design-


A network engineer has been hired to perform a new MSE implementation on an existing network. The MSE must be installed on a different network than the Cisco WLC.

Which configuration allows the devices to communicate over NMSP?

A. Allow UDP/16113portonthe central switch.

B. Allow TCP/16666 port on the router.

C. Allow TCP/16113 port on the firewall.

D. Allow UDP/16666 port on the VPN router.

Correct Answer: C

https://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/mse/3350/6.0/CAS/configuration/guide/msecg_ch4_C AS.html


A network engineer is configuring a Cisco AireOS WLC environment for central web authentication using Cisco ISE.

The controllers are configured using auto-anchor for the guest network.

Which three components must be implemented for the foreign WLC? (Choose three.)

A. DHCP RADIUS profiling enabled.

B. HTTP RADIUS profiling enabled.

C. UDP/1812-1813 open to ISE

D. downloadable pre-auth ACL on ISE

E. local pre-auth ACL on WLC

F. WLAN Layer 2 security

Correct Answer: ACF


A company is deploying wireless PCs on forklifts within its new 10,000-square-foot(3048- square-meter) facility.

The clients are configured for PEAP-MS-CHAPv2 with WPA TKIP. Users report that applications frequently drop when the clients roam between access points on the floor. A professional site survey was completed.

Which configuration change is recommended to improve the speed of client roaming?





Correct Answer: D


An engineer configures the wireless LAN controller to perform 802.1x user authentication. Which configuration must be enabled to ensure that client devices can connect to the wireless, even when WLC cannot communicate with the RADIUS?

A. pre-authentication

B. local EAP

C. authentication caching

D. Cisco Centralized Key Management

Correct Answer: B


A network engineer observes a spike in controller CPU overhead and overall network utilization after multicast is enabled on a controller with 500 APs. Which feature connects the issue?

A. controller IGMP snooping

B. multicast AP multicast mode

C. broadcast forwarding

D. unicast AP multicast mode

Correct Answer: B

Note: The question is about the reason behind the CPU hike, it is not asking about the solution to the issue


An organization is supporting remote workers in different locations. In order to provide wireless network connectivity and services, OfficeExtend has been implemented. The wireless connectivity is working, but users report losing connectivity to their local network printers.

Which solution must be used to address this issue?

A. WLAN static IP tunneling

B. FlexConnect local switching

C. OEAP split tunnel

D. OEAP gateway override

Correct Answer: C

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