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FromNumber of exam questionsAssociated certification
Lead4Pass15DCS-PE, DCS-IE
Question 1:

What is the benefit of using the VxRail REST API?

A. Remote upgrades of iDRAC-related software only

B. Automated security audit of VxRail clusters

C. Automated log collection for VxRail clusters

D. Polling for vSAN performance statistics

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

What is a consideration when expanding a VxRail cluster? (Choose two.)

A. Mixing of All-Flash and all-NVMe nodes in a cluster is not allowed

B. Expanding a cluster to 64 nodes requires a 25 GbE network

C. G Series clusters can be expanded only with G Series nodes

D. 1 GbE must be hybrid and single processor node type

Correct Answer: BC

Question 3:

What setting is used for the object space reservation in the VXRAIL-SYSTEM-STORAGE-PROFILE?

A. 50% Reservation

B. Thick Provisioning

C. 75% Reservation

D. Thin Provisioning

Correct Answer: D

Question 4:

Which series of VxRail nodes support either Intel or AMD processors and either hybrid or All-Flash storage?

A. G Series

B. D Series

C. E Series

D. V Series

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

Which command can be used from the VxRail Manager VM to restart the loudmouth daemon?

A. systemctl restart loudmouth

B. /usr/lib/vmware/loudmouth/bin/loudmouthed restart

C. /etc/init.d/loudmouth restart

D. systemctl restart vmware-loudmouth

Correct Answer: D


Question 6:

What is the maximum number of supported nodes in a VxRail Stretch Cluster?

A. 16

B. 30

C. 32

D. 64

Correct Answer: B


Question 7:

What is a consideration when performing a VxRail software upgrade from version to version

A. External vCenter server must be upgraded after the VxRail is upgraded

B. vCenter Server requires a temporary IP address on a different subnet before the upgrade

C. Secure boot must be enabled on the ESXi hosts for a successful upgrade

D. VxRail Manager VM must be changed to the default name to avoid an upgrade failure

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

A systems engineer is tasked to configure a VxRail cluster and notices that the VxRail Deployment Wizard fails to launch. The engineer discovers that the software is corrupted.

What should the engineer do to address the issue?

A. Use the VMware Host Client and iDRAC to access the nodes for troubleshooting

B. Verify that the JSON file is not corrupted and has all the required values

C. Return the nodes to the original build state

D. Check vCenter and troubleshoot the build failure

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

For which VxRail models must the iDRAC NIC Selection be set to Dedicated?

A. D, G, P, S, and V Series

B. E, P, S, and V Series only

C. D, E, P, S, and V Series

D. D, E, and G Series

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

An implementation engineer is expanding an existing VxRail S Series cluster with an additional node. The version of the node is not at the current cluster level but is compatible. What procedure would result in the quickest node addition?

A. RASR Factory Image Upgrade

B. Factory Reset

C. VxRail Node Imaging Management

D. Compute node expansion

Correct Answer: D


Question 11:

What are the minimum requirements for a customer-supplied VDS in a VxRail deployment?

A. 2 uplinks Port groups for Discovery, Management, vCenter Server, vMotion, and vSAN

B. 4 uplinks Port groups for Discovery, Management, vCenter Server, vMotion, and vSAN

C. 4 uplinks Port groups for Discovery, Management, vMotion, and vSAN only

D. 2 uplinks Port groups for Discovery, Management, vMotion, and vSAN

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

For which typical activity would the Full data migration setting be used when placing a VxRail host into maintenance mode?

A. Temporary maintenance

B. Rebooting a single ESXi host

C. Shutting down an entire cluster

D. Permanently removing the host from the cluster

Correct Answer: A

Question 13:

What is validated by running the Proactive VM Creation test in vCenter on a VxRail cluster?

A. vSAN operates successfully

B. Network firewalls are configured correctly

C. vSAN has a sufficient storage capacity

D. Network performance is sufficient

Correct Answer: D


Question 14:

A VxRail 7.0.100 environment is managed by the internal vCenter Server. The customer asks the implementation engineer to deploy a new VxRail cluster using the existing vCenter Server.

What should the response of the engineer be?

A. Not supported for internal vCenter Server

B. Not supported on VxRail software 7.0.100

C. Supported by neither the internal vCenter Server nor the external vCenter Server

D. Only supported on VxRail software

Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

How must node ports on Dell EMC ToR switches be configured when the Spanning Tree Protocol is enabled in an environment?

A. In Port-Channel mode

B. In Forwarding status

C. As edge ports

D. As access ports

Correct Answer: C


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