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The Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) Certification Program is one of the most recognizable and respected certification programs in the field of network design. According to Cisco itself, the revenue of its certified professionals may exceed the pre-certification level, which the network lead4pass provider claims is the highest wage increase for any certification program.

The Cisco Certification Program provides three levels of network engineering/design certification – employees, professionals, and experts. Like many certification programs, Cisco CCDP 300-101 ROUTE recommends that IT professionals have at least six months to nine months of work experience before starting to use CCDP.
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A few months of on-the-job experience provides a good baseline and skill base for compulsory courses in the CCDP certification program. 300-101 dumps Effective Cisco Certified Design Association (CCDA) certification is a prerequisite for this certification. The CCDA Exam (640-864 DESGN) does not require the completion of the Cisco Certified Networking Association (CCNA), but Cisco recommends understanding the Cisco Certified Networking Association (CNA) material.

CCDP certification training can be conducted in the traditional classroom environment through the Cisco Networking Academy, which includes instructor-led training and online training nationwide. Cisco courses are also available at many colleges and universities. All certifications have an official book called the Certification Guide published by Cisco Press.
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For those interested in expert certification, Cisco offers CCIE design. The program is for those interested in designing highly specialized routing and switching networks.

High Quality Cisco CCDP 300-101 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q1-Q10)

Which command do you enter to filter only routing updates that are sent through interface GigabitEthemet0/0?
A. R1(config-if)#passive-interface GigabitEthemet0/0
B. R1(config-router)#no passive-interface GigabitHthemet0/0
C. R1config-router)#passrve-interface GigabitEthemet0/0
D. R1(conffg-router)passive-interface default
E. R1(config-if)#passive-interface default
F. R1(config-router)#distribute-list 1 GigabitEthemet0/0 out
Correct Answer: C

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A network engineer is unable to make VRF lite EIGRP adjacency work.There is nothing wrong with communication between R1 and R2. What command will eliminate the issue when executed on both routes?
A. (config-router-if)autonomous-system 100
B. (config)#ip-multicast-routing
C. (config-vrf)#route-target both 100:1
D. (config-router-af)#network
Correct Answer: A

What does the number 16 in the following command represent?
Router(config)#snmp-server user abed public v2c access 16
A. the mask of the files that are allowed to use community string public
B. the standard named access list 16, which contains the access rules that apply to user abed.
C. the number of concurrent users who are allowed to query the SNMP community
D. the user ID that is allowed to use the community string public
Correct Answer: B

Which value does a point-to-point GRE tjunnel use to identify a peer?
A. MAC address
B. configured multicast address.
D. IP address
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements about uRPF are true? (Choose two)
A. The Keyword any can be used with both strict mode and loose mode
B. Strict mode may drop legitimate traffic.
C. tt is enabled globally.
D. Strict mode is most appropriate for networks with asymmetric routing.
E. Loose mode may drop traffic when asymmetric routing occurs on the network
F. It is enabled on a per interface basis.
Correct Answer: BF

A network engineer is configuring a DHCP server to support a specialized application. Which additional DHCP feature must be enabled to support the delivery of various additional parameters to DHCP clients? 300-101 dumps
A. modules
B. vendor extensions
C. options
D. Scopes
Correct Answer: C

In SNMP v3, which security level provides encryption of the data?
A. authMember
B. noAuthNoPriv
C. authNoPriv
D. authPriv
Correct Answer: D

Which three functionalities are specific to stateful NAT64? (Choose Three)
A. It requires IPv4-transalable IPv6 address
B. It requires either manual or DHCPv6 based address assignment for IPv6 host.
C. It helps ensure end-to-end address transparency and scalability
D. A state or bindings are created on every unique translation
E. it conserves IPV4 addresses
Correct Answer: BDE

Which two options are components of a dual stack?(choose two)
C. IPV6 traffic
D. IPv4 traffic
E. layer 3 switch
F. layer 2 switch
Correct Answer: CD

Which technology uses the many-to-one method of mapping IP addresses?
A. static NAT
B. dynamic NAT
Correct Answer: D

How to pass Cisco CCDP 300-101 Certification?

Passing the Cisco CCDP 300-101 Certification requires you to spend enough time studying and practicing before the scheduled test date. Whether you are a self-study route or want to take a CCDP training course, the key is to prepare for your exam. Here are detailed tips on how to prepare for the exam so that you can complete the exam and get certified at one time.

Take the time to practice

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you will be able to take the exam. To get started, choose one of the official sample files provided by Cisco and detail it. In addition, the answer theory is used to understand the reasons for the specific answer. If you attend a training course through a training provider, you can rest assured that you will have access to at least one sample exam. For those who take the self-study route, you can download the sample exam from Cisco’s official website. Lead4pass is also a good choice to help you conduct extensive research on sample questions and understand the reasons for how to deal with exam questions.

Create a plan for the practice test

Organize a routine to conduct actual testing before the actual exam date. You can push yourself further by setting a deadline, and you can evaluate everything you have learned. By doing this, you’ll find areas that require your most attention, and you can polish them before testing.

Be careful in reading

Reading an exam is different from reading reading. You need to settle down and focus on the resource materials you are learning so that you can choose specific information from the materials. If you browse through your learning materials, you tend to ignore important details that are critical to your exam. 300-101 dumps You can’t avoid distractions during your studies. You need to read and understand the wording of the question and its implications. Some questions are positive and some are negative. If you miss the negative meaning of a question, you completely miss the answer. So focus on and read the lines of each question you’ve outlined and understand the answers that have been provided to them.

Focus on Cisco CCDP 300-101 Certification instead of your experience

You want to use your experience in the organization to answer questions about the 300-101 Certification exam. Choosing this method can have a negative impact on your success. Don’t give answers to questions based on the organization’s operations; instead, give answers based on the 300-101 Certification requirements. The certification exam is designed to test your understanding of the standard practices of Cisco processes, tools, functions, general concepts and roles based on five different 300-101 Certification books. You should not confuse organizational functions and operations with the standards of Cisco books.

Understand and remember the keywords

There are specific Cisco CCDP 300-101 Certification concepts with associated keywords. It is important that you learn this knowledge as they can help you provide the clues you need during the exam. Keywords such as service policies, service level management processes, governance, configuration management systems, service assets and configuration management, and configuration management databases all have their connotations. You should understand all of this and what they mean by the different exam questions you encountered in the sample questions.

Proper relaxation

Before the exam, you should relax your mind and calmly respond to the test. You don’t have to worry too much about the Cisco CCDP 300-101 Certification. It is not as difficult as you think. Through adequate preparation and study, the examination of the exam will definitely achieve excellent results in the actual exam.

CCDP is a certification that tests the ability of IT professionals to manage, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco routers and switches. This certificate is ideal for IT graduates who want to pursue a career in network engineering. Without it, they will only occupy the position of the network support staff. CCDP certificates help professionals meet market needs at the employee level.