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Terraform Enterprise currently supports running under which the following operating systems?
A. Ubuntu
B. Amazon Linux
C. Debian
D. CentOS
E. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
F. Oracle Linux
Correct Answer: ABCDEF
Terraform Enterprise runs on Linux instances, and you must prepare a running Linux instance for Terraform Enterprise
before running the installer. You will start and manage this instance like any other server. Terraform Enterprise currently
supports running under the following operating systems: Standalone deployment: Debian 7.7+ Ubuntu 14.04.5 / 16.04 /
18.04 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 – 7.8 CentOS 6.x / 7.4 – 7.8 Amazon Linux 2014.03 / 2014.09 / 2015.03 / 2015.09 /
2016.03 / 2016.09 / 2017.03 / 2017.09 / 2018.03 / 2.0 Oracle Linux 7.4 – 7.8


What is the result of the following terraform function call?
A. hello
B. what?
C. goodbye
Correct Answer: B


Which one of the following command will rewrite Terraform configuration files to a canonical format and style.
A. terraform graph -h
B. terraform init
C. terraform graph
D. terraform fmt

Correct Answer: D
The terraform fmt command is used to rewrite Terraform configuration files to a canonical format and style. This
command applies a subset of the Terrra Terraform language style conventions, along with other minor adjustments for


You have created 2 workspaces PROD and RQA
You have switched to RQA and provisioned RQA infrastructure from this workspace. Where is your state file stored?
A. terraform.tfstate.d
B. terraform.d
C. terraform.tfstate.RQA
D. terraform.tfstate
Correct Answer: A


Which of the below are paid features of Terraform Cloud?
A. Full API Coverage
B. Secure variable Storage
C. Roles/ Team management
D. Cost Estimation
E. Private Module Registry
F. Sentinel policies
Correct Answer: CDF


Matt wants to import a manually created EC2 instance into terraform so that he can manage the EC2 instance through
terraform going forward. He has written the configuration file of the EC2 instance before importing it to Terraform.
Following is the code:
resource “aws_instance” “matt_ec2” { ami = “ami-bg2640de” instance_type = “t2.micro” vpc_security_group_ids =
[“sg-6ae7d613”, “sg-53370035”] key_name = “mysecret” subnet_id = “subnet-9e3cfbc5” } The instance id of that EC2
is i-0260835eb7e9bd40 How he can import data of EC2 to state file?
A. terraform import = i-0260835eb7e9bd40
B. terraform import i-0260835eb7e9bd40
C. terraform import aws_instance.i-0260835eb7e9bd40
D. terraform import aws_instance.matt_ec2 i-0260835eb7e9bd40
Correct Answer: D


By default, where does Terraform store its state file?
A. Amazon S3 bucket
B. shared directory
C. remotely using Terraform Cloud
D. current working directory
Correct Answer: D
By default, the state file is stored in a local file named “terraform.tfstate”, but it can also be stored remotely, which works
better in a team environment.


Which Terraform command will check and report errors within modules, attribute names, and value types to make sure
they are syntactically valid and internally consistent?
A. terraform validate
B. terraform format
C. terraform fmt
D. terraform show
Correct Answer: A
The terraform validate command validates the configuration files in a directory, referring only to the configuration and
not accessing any remote services such as remote state, provider APIs, etc. Validate runs checks that verify whether a
configuration is syntactically valid and internally consistent, regardless of any provided variables or existing state. It is
thus primarily useful for general verification of reusable modules, including the correctness of attribute names and value
types. It is safe to run this command automatically, for example as a post-save check in a text editor or as a test step for
a re-usable module in a CI system.


A user has created a module called “my_test_module” and committed it to GitHub. Over time, several commits have
been made with updates to the module, each tagged in GitHub with an incremental version number. Which of the
following lines would be required in a module configuration block in terraform to select tagged version v1.0.4?
A. source = “git::”
B. source = “git::”
C. source = “git::”
D. source = “git::”
Correct Answer: D


Terraform variables and outputs that set the “description” argument will store that description in the state file.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following clouds does not have a provider maintained HashiCorp?
A. IBM Cloud
B. DigitalOcean
C. OpenStack
Correct Answer: A
IBM Cloud does not have a provider maintained by HashiCorp, although IBM Cloud does maintain their own Terraform

What resource dependency information is stored in Terraform\\’s state?
A. Only implicit dependencies are stored in state.
B. Both implicit and explicit dependencies are stored in state.
C. Only explicit dependencies are stored in state.
D. No dependency information is stored in state.
Correct Answer: B
Terraform state captures all dependency information, both implicit and explicit. One purpose for state is to determine the
proper order to destroy resources. When resources are created all of their dependency information is stored in the
If you destroy a resource with dependencies, Terraform can still determine the correct destroy order for all other
resources because the dependencies are stored in the state.


State locking does not happen automatically and must be specified at run
A. False
B. True
Correct Answer: A
State locking happens automatically on all operations that could write state.


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